The Ultimate Warrior has some surprisingly thoughtful points about OWS

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The Ultimate Warrior

Who would have thought the most lucid, level-headed argument against Occupy Wall Street would come from WWE legend The Ultimate Warrior? Wait… actually, that makes perfect sense. Warrior is the most badass person to ever live. 

When an obviously terrified interviewer thought to ask Brian Hellwig (the man Warrior pretends to be when he's not communicating with his gods) after this week's Monday Night Raw what he thought about OWS, he responded that OWS protestors should spend more time boycotting goods and less time taking dumps on police cars and stuff: 

"I would never take just a one-sided defense for corporate America, but I find it a little ironic when most of these kids own iPads and iPhones… all these material things, they're a big part of the consumerism that goes on in this country. … I think the biggest statement you can make is not to participate in the consumerism of it all, you know? Don't buy the stuff!" 

Warrior also added that he's "not really down" with the indecency many protestors exhibit. "It's like they have no manners," he said. "They have no common decency, there's absolute misbehavior."

I guess I already knew The Ultimate Warrior knew how to give a great interview, but that's pretty… well-thought out and even-handed. And here I thought that the he was totally out of control.