Women flood Facebook page of ultrasound-enforcing lawmaker with updates on their vaginas

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Ryan McDougle Facebook page

Like so many other male politicians pushing for things like mandatory transvaginal ultra-sounds, Virginia Senator Ryan McDougle is presumably very interested and concerned with the reproductive health of American women. Why else would he bother, no? Based on this assumption, dozens of women have started flooding McDougle's Facebook page with excruciatingly detailed updates on their vaginas.

Some of the more choice examples:

"Hey senator! just a quick hello to let you know that I'm currently ovulating! my vaginal discharge is thick and sticky and smells acidic (probably all the garlic i've been eating!) if you want to note that in the charts you must be keeping on me and my vulva. i'll let you know how i'm doing next week!"

"You know, Senator, I've wished all my life that man would know more about my own vaginal issues than I do, and now you're here! So here it goes, during my last period, I had to use the Super tampons because I had some chunky blood issues. You know, that pesky uterus and all. Maybe you could tell my uterus that all the blood will ooze out in its own time, and not to rush itself into shooting clots out every month. Also, I find it very inconvenient that I wake up in a pool of my own blood on the first and second days of my period. Maybe you can help a sister out?"

"Senator McDougle, I am almost 49 and STILL menstruating with no sign of slowing done! Frankly, I've had enough of this inconvenience- the cost of pads and pain reliever and all the mess-well YOU know how it is. You're an expert on this lady stuff. I was going to ask my gynocologist about this issue, but since you know so much about women's reproductive health, I figured I'd just stop by your Facebook page and ask you."  

The comments are now being deleted from McDougle's wall nearly as fast as they're going up, and naturally the Senator's office has declined to comment. Most likely, the comments won't convince McDougle that female reproductive health shouldn't be his political area of expertise. Even more likely, his Facebook is being furiously purged by his resident "social media" guru before McDougle even sees any of the comments in question. Still, it's always nice to find creative new outlets for letting presumptuous blowhards know that they're full of shit. To put it delicately.