Women want “rich husbands, not careers” claims study

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A new study published by the Centre for Policy Studies think tank claims that the desire for gender equality is largely a myth. The U.K. study suggests that women prefer to "marry up" instead of supporting themselves. Data from a 1949 British study — in which 20 percent of women married a man of a higher education level than themselves — was compared with new data in which 38 percent of women had decided to "marry up."

I'm skeptical of these findings for many reasons. The article references women's "aspirations" to marry a man of wealth and stature, but what effect does this hypothetical desire have on their actual life decisions? If someone in a study asked you, "Do you want to marry some baller dude?" my bet is you would say yes.

The study can also be construed as a statement on men "marrying down" and could speak more to the desire of men to preserve traditional gender roles by seeking out women who are not career-driven. It may, in fact, be the case that there are plenty of career-oriented women looking to provide for themselves and to marry an "equal," but that some men are threatened by their success.

Also, traditional marriage is less common now than in 1949, so the data is skewed by the fact that the participants wanted to marry in the first place. And it's heteronormative. So, in closing, I'm not arguing that some women don't want to marry a sugar daddy and buy a mink and quit their shitty job, but I am arguing that this study is bullshit and doesn't prove anything.

Later y'all, I need to get ready for my date with another age-inappropriate Goldman Sachs dude.