Wyoming state Supreme Court grants same-sex couple a divorce

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Wyoming may not let same-sex couples marry, but it will allow them to divorce. On Monday, the state Supreme Court reversed a lower court's refusal to hear a petition by a lesbian couple seeking to legally separate. The two women were wed in Canada. But the trial court ruled that since same-sex marriage is illegal in Wyoming, they couldn't be granted a same-sex divorce, as that would be a "recognition" of marriage. Thankfully, the Supreme Court disregarded this convoluted logic and will allow their marriage to come to an end.

The ruling, however, is limited to telling the trial court to legally dissolve the couple's relationship. So far there's no verdict on whether the state will honor property or monetary spousal support claims. Unfortunately, the ruling also said that the divorce proceedings do not "enforce any right incident to the status of being married," and considering  financial and property claims essentially demand that their marriage be recognized, it doesn't seem likely that they'll be acknowledged. And you thought your divorce was messy.