You’d better vote for Rick Perry… or else

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If you don't vote for Rick Perry, America's headed for I Am Legend status in, like, two weeks. 

Perry's first official campaign video premiered last week during the GOP debate. The first half of the ad is quick, grey-filter shots of what looks like post-apocalyptic middle America with an overlay of scary statistics. The second half is quick, sunny shots of Rick Perry shaking hands with happy people who are clearly not living in that shit hole we saw during the first forty-five seconds of the ad. Take a look:

What's surprising is how similar this ad is to Perry's gubernatorial re-election ad from last year. Same half-doom, half-sun split — although in the new ad Perry's not wearing leather chaps (above) and someone upgraded to a better version of Final Cut Pro. Maybe it's predatory, but you can't deny it's effective. Somehow, I find myself thinking America will be completely screwed if we don't give executive power to this man as soon as possible.