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In the least needed study to come out in some time, researchers found that women over 85 are having less sex with men because there’s not enough of them to go around. The lesson here, single straight girls, is carpe diem. Go for the guys you want now cause when you hit old age all the dudes you wanted will be dead, and Doug from accounting (who you never gave the time of day to) won’t look so bad at 87.

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Meanwhile teens have an insane amount of STDs. A study finds that teens are way into unprotected sex in states that teach abstinence. Go figure.

If you’re a fan of boxing you might remember that Manny Pacquiao got whooped by some other guy who beats his wife, which is a thing that pro athletes do sometimes and get away with. Now Manny has said a really stupid thing so let’s all enjoy this gif:

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And if you ever wondered about the effect sporting events have on hookers: There’s a study for that.