Watch: “60 Minutes” can’t believe Mark Zuckerberg got girls before Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg visited 60 Minutes to talk about, you know, Mark Zuckerberg-y things. Like Facebook. And that movie about Facebook. You know the one!

And so does he, because he went to see The Social Network with his entire staff. And what'd he think? Well, "they got every single t-shirt right," he said. But not the girls thing — he claimed that he didn't start Facebook to get laid and stuff. In fact, he said he and his current girlfriend were already an item then. 

This turned out to be simply too much for 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl, who replied thusly: 

Wait, what? Say that again? The girl, your current girlfriend, you were dating back then?

She then added, "YOU?" OK, she didn't quite add that, but she did add a ton of awkwardness to the interview. Watch the video below for proof.