When I was a young suburban girl, there were some lessons that my mother and the school system were unable to teach me. (Namely how to get the rest of the schoolyard gagging on my eleganza day in and day out.) Luckily, I discovered drag glamazon RuPaul early in my formative years. Thanks to her, I now live my life according to three rules: 1. You better work. 2. If you want it wet then you better make it rain. 3. Love!

For quite sometime I thought I was alone in my RuPaul-isms but, as evident from tonight's Toddlers and Tiaras preview, there are other children who draw inspiration from America's favorite drag queen. Bob is a six-year-old pageant prince whose routines are fueled by RuPaul mantras. Bob's parents claim to be huge drag fans and thus draw their child-pageantry inspiration from the scene's unique jargon. Bob and his younger sister Riley, who also competes in pageants, are constantly reminded by their mother to be "fierce" and to "embrace their fierceness" as they prepare for the Southern Celebrity Glitzmas contest. (I wish I made that name up.)

But if I was Bob, I would be a little angry; in my opinion, Bob's parents are giving too much credit to Ru and not enough to his bedazzled rattail. Like the prince says, that lock gives him extra pageant power!  

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Dec 07 11 - 1:51pm

Middle-aged midwestern ladies doing their best gay male impressions is like drag in reverse. Easily the strangest thing I've seen in a damn long time.

Dec 07 11 - 2:23pm

I fell sorry for the kids. Someone's going to need serious therapy.

Dec 07 11 - 2:24pm


Dec 07 11 - 2:45pm

Why don't these parents just buy themselves nice clothes?
there's no need to force your kids to act out your dreams.

Dec 07 11 - 4:10pm

Well at least they are trying to teach their kids confidence... Most of the other parents you usually see on these shows just want their children to be perfect pageant princesses.