Absolutely Fabulous not only coming back to TV, but the big screen as well

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Good news, Patsy and Edina fans: Jennifer Saunders is writing an Absolutely Fabulous screenplay as well as the new episodes coming to the BBC and your various forms of illegal media downloading this year. (It doesn't seem like Dawn French, the equally funny co-creator, is involved though. Boo.) All she has to do is finish writing the book for the Spice Girls musical. (Seriously.) Deadline has the details:

Absolutely Fabulous, which aired on BBC America, follows the lives of two best friends — Edina, an international PR guru by trade but a 1960s teenager at heart, and Patsy, a sex-crazed magazine editor. Ab Fab: The Movie will kick off with Patsy and Edina waking up hungover in the empty drifting yacht of an oligarch in the middle of the ocean. Even worse, their cellphones can’t get a signal.

That is a pretty charitable definition of my favorite pair of drug-addicted, social-climbing, human-trafficking mean girls ever to grace the screen, but I'll allow it. Also the set-up reminds me of the horrifying events of Donky Punch, so… yikes. I'm generally wary of TV-to-movie adaptations — as much as I love them, I sort of pray Arrested Development, Buffy, and Veronica Mars stay dead — but I think that Ab Fab was just insane enough to make a movie work.