Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem at the Oscars, Academy Awards.It may be March already, but the blogs are still abuzz with news from last month's Academy Awards. And the latest tidbit comes from, of all places, Perez Hilton, which reports that ABC censored a kiss between Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem during the Oscar telecast.

Here's the sccop:

When the two men walked out onto the stage at the ceremony, viewers at home only saw them engage in a brief dance before the camera jumped to an extended, awkward shot of Penelope Cruz — and that's because in actuality, the two men — who are actually close friends in real life — shared a little comedic mouth action!

Perhaps the American Broadcasting Company, home of Modern Family's seemingly sexless Cam and Mitchell, thinks the nation isn't prepared for public displays of homosexuality, even fake ones.

No country for old men kissing? We at Nerve don't think so! Here's a picture of the two (not very old, I know) men locking lips:

Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem kissing at the Oscars, Academy Awards on ABC.

It's hard to even tell where Brolin's body ends and Bardem's begins. Skintimate!

Commentarium (3 Comments)

Mar 02 11 - 4:40pm

1. I knew that cut to Penelope Cruz was weird and 2. I feel robbed. God damn it, ABC.

Mar 02 11 - 10:25pm

They let a "fuck" get through that not worse?

Mar 03 11 - 1:55am

You'll find a similar scene in the director's cut of No Country for Old Men...