ABC hits a new low with the cross-dressing comedy, Work It

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No one would ever mistake this for a woman.

If you can tell the picture above is a man in drag, then you don't posses the extreme suspension of disbelief needed to watch Work It, ABC's sad attempt at re-hashing the old Bosom Buddies premise.

Yes, the show that launched Peter Scolari's career has returned in a new form — rather than cross-dressing in order to receive cheap housing, two men cross-dress in order to work at a pharmaceutical company (one with a staff I imagine would consider Mrs. Doubtfire to be a clever ruse).

The show's hokey premise angers me the least. What upsets me is that, of all the shows that struggle to make it through pilot season, this made it through? What bloated, overpaid, out-of-touch network exec thought this would catch on? Remember when I mentioned Mrs. Doubtfire just now? THAT would have made for a slightly better premise than this. I never thought I'd see ABC sink lower than Cavemen or Cop Rock, but this could very well be the worst show of this season. Also, Community got pulled. Just thought I'd bring that up again.

So I dare any of you to watch the trailer below without swearing aloud. If you're a screenwriter or want to work in television, please just skip it and avoid what I can only describe as a sharp pain just behind your right eye.

Side note: leave drag to the Brits and the Canadians. They do it best.