ABC runs out of ideas, brings back Charlie’s Angels and Tim Allen

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The original Charlie's Angels

Come fall, ABC is making major changes to its lineup. And they are strange ones. They're bringing back Tim Allen, with a show about a man in household full of women, called Last Man Standing. That will be followed by, what else, another show about men living in households full of women, called Man Up (coincidentally the original title of the Allen sitcom). More curious than that, and than Once Upon a Time's existence, though, is the Charlie's Angels remake on the horizon.

As if Drew Barrymore and Shia LaBeouf haven't done enough to that franchise, ABC aims to take another stab at it. The new version will star Minka Kelly, along with some other, similarly attractive women. And, while it sounds like a bad idea, hot girls blowing things up is a tested formula. Which means we might be in for years of Minka Kelly shooting at people, in a bikini.