ABC’s Work It debuts to thankfully lackluster ratings

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Be honest: how many of you tuned in to watch ABC's absolutely reviled new sitcom Work It last night just to see how bad it could actually be? (Even more shameful: how many of you tuned in because you thought it might actually be good?) I watched all thirty minutes of this epic mess with the help of my Clockwork Orange machine, and let me tell you that it is as bad as you could possibly imagine. They set a montage to "My Humps." "My Humps," people! You can't even laugh at how awful it is, because Work It is a black hole of comedy; not even ironic laughter escapes this mishandled lump of a humor suck. I would watch Whitney from now until the day I die instead of the three (I'm guessing) episodes this show will air.

Anyway, I don't need to keep telling you how completely the show fails, because that's all anyone is saying. If you tuned in and didn't beat yourself stupid while it was on, you probably agree. Undoubtedly, some of you are also wondering how adult people with high-paying jobs decided to delay Cougar Town but run this claptrap. Well, maybe you won't have to wonder for long: Work It did not, shockingly, attract a huge audience:

Among viewers under 50, the show earned a 2.0 rating and retained about 80 percent of its Last Man Standing lead-in. These are not good numbers: Despite relentless promotion by ABC, Work It was the lowest-rated first-run network show in its 8:30 p.m. time slot, and it pretty much matched the overall average of Man Up!, the now-canceled series that occupied the time slot in the fall.

Now, these numbers aren't terrible. They're certainly much, much higher than the show deserves. But I'd like to imagine that a fifth of the audience tuned in simply to hate watch. (Please let that be true.) We'll have to wait another to week to bear that theory out, but chances are Work It won't be turning into the new Two And a Half Men. Thank God.