According to Alec Baldwin, Justin Bieber will host SNL

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It's starting to seem like celebrities are exceptionally bad at keeping secrets: first, Gwyneth Paltrow prematurely announces the name of Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby on Twitter, then Scary Spice lets it slip that the Spice Girls will be reuniting in a few months. Now, the notoriously loose-lipped Alec Baldwin has jumped on the blabbermouth train, revealing on his WNYC podcast "Here's The Thing" that Justin Bieber will host SNL

During an interview with Lorne Michaels in Lorne's office, Baldwin inadvertently revealed that the effortlessly chic L.A. lesbian art gallery owner known as Justin Bieber would be making an appearance in Studio 8H this season. While describing Michaels' office, Baldwin started to discuss the contents of Lorne's super double secret billboard, which contains a list of upcoming hosts:

"The biggest names in the business are coming here thirty-something years (after the show's 1975 debut) to host the show. You have Ben Stiller, Melissa McCarthy, (who) won the Emmy award, and Katy Perry's coming and Jimmy Fallon, who's obviously double-dipping on your payroll, Jonah Hill, and I don't want to ruin any other names . Bieber's confirmed, he's the music and the (host)."

To which Lorne Michaels said: "Yeah." And took out his nineteenth-century elephant rifle and quickly and cleanly shot Alec Baldwin dead on the floor. I mean, that's a joke, because according to my BPS (Baldwin Positioning System) tracking device all of the Baldwins are currently alive and well, but you don't want to fuck with Lorne Michaels, and you certainly don't want to fuck with the hopes of thousands of rabid Bieber fans, so for Alec Baldwin's sake, I hope what he said was true.

(Oh, also, Jonah Hill is hosting March 10. It's his second time hosting and he's nominated for an Oscar now which is kind of insane when you think about it and blah blah blah BIEBER OMG OMG BIEBER).