Adam Levine may star in season two of American Horror Story

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Adam Levine, judge on The Voice and apparently a musician of some sort, is in talks to join the cast of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story. While the plot for the second season is mostly under wraps, Levine would be playing one half of a couple being referred to as "The Lovers." With a title like that, I expect — nay, I demand frequent male nudity. Somehow I think I can count on Murphy to provide. He'll join returning cast members Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Zachary Quinto, Lily Rabe, and Sarah Paulson, all of whom will be playing completely different roles.

Now, before you start going on about how Levine has no acting experience — besides pretending to like Blake Shelton every week, that is — let me say that this makes perfect sense. Season two is generally when all Ryan Murphy series take a sharp nose dive into laughable plots, painful dialogue, and character arcs that are so baffling you start to doubt your sanity. (Quinn is a punk but secretly wants to take her baby back from Rachel's mom and so she becomes evil again but eventually gives up and now she's going to Yale but also wants to be a cheerleader except she just got hit by a truck? Okay.) Casting an untested front man of a mediocre rock group as a lead is totally something that fits into the expected devolution of this show.

The first season American Horror Story held up surprisingly well, considering the load of insanity bananas it struggled to support, but let's be honest: we're all waiting for the cracks to start showing. (And by that, I mean Adam Levine's crack. His music might suck, but he's an attractive man and I'm only human. Don't get prudish on me now, Murphy.)

We'll see if Levine can pull off this whole acting thing come fall — if he actually signs on, that is — but I think we can all agree that no matter how good or bad he is on the show, it will have been worthwhile if it keeps him from doing something like this again: