Klondike ads are sexist all of a sudden

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What's going on, ads for Klondike? I feel like it was only yesterday when I'd see you during TGIF's scheduled commercial breaks, innocuously selling ice cream by asking silly questions. "Hey, Shakespeare," you'd holler. "Would you write a TV sitcom for a Klondike bar?" "Methinks not!" the indignant Bard would reply, just like you wanted him to.

But that was then. Apparently when no one was looking, Klondike decided to run with a weird anti-wife, anti-bromance strategy for its ads. Think dumb beer commercials, but with ice cream.

Or instead of thinking it, see it. The following video, which Feministing pans for its "healthy dose of blatant sexism," stars a man "actually listening to his wife" for five seconds, a feat for which he's rewarded ice cream.

And then there's this next one, featuring two men who somehow manage to hold hands for, yep, five seconds.

So in the Klondike universe, dudes never have actual conversations with their wives and abstain from outwardly expressing friendship with others, instead leading lonely lives in which they deny themselves any sort of human connection. Man, that's the kind of sad stuff that makes me want a bucket of ice crea — hey! Yous guys!