After fan outrage, NBC makes Wonder Woman costume slightly less like a sex outfit

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If you read this blog often, you know I'm very on-the-fence about David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman remake, because while I am a comic-book nerd at my core, there were a lot of… less than promising signs. (A sing along to "Single Ladies"? Really?) And the most recent one was the costume, first revealed in a promo picture released by NBC. It looked like what you'd get if you asked a moderately priced hooker to impersonate the heroine while hog-tying you with her "lasso of truth":

Not promising, right? Well it seems like Kelley and NBC have reconsidered some of the outfits more ridiculous touches after the internet gave a collective "blergh" to the look, according to these new shots of star Adrianne Palicki in action:

Thank god the heels are gone, but here is the thing: Wonder Woman's costume will never not look ridiculous. That looks less like an item from Mistress Natasha's S&M closet, but it's still incredibly silly. This is why the X-Men lost their outfits when they got off the page: they look fucking dumb in real life! Give the girl some sturdy jeans and a leather jacket and call it a day.