Alec Baldwin might replace Keith Olbermann on MSNBC

Ah, the Olbermann hole. It's only been open for a few days, but there's already been a torrent of speculation as to who will ultimately fill the programming gap. And get this: the most current word on the street says that MSNBC has eyes only for Alec Baldwin.

"He's already part of the NBC family, has a huge fan base and is very respected for his long-term passions for politics," a source at the network told PopEater. Baldwin reportedly tops the "ultimate wish list" of Olbermann replacements for many reasons, not least of all the fact that he might actually do it. As Baldwin said on CNN recently,

"Yes, [the political game is] something that I'm very, very interested in. To quit [acting] now when it really feels good and doing it feels good would be an enormously difficult thing to do. However, I do believe that people want to believe that someone who deeply cares about the middle class ... would like to seek public office."

And what better way is there to introduce yourself to the electorate than by cable news? Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and (gasp!) Keith Olbermann would all agree there is none.

But hey, let's hope that none of this ever happens, for 30 Rock's sake.

Commentarium (9 Comments)

Jan 26 11 - 10:20am

So Olbermann's replacement is yet another conservative with political views as sophisticated as your average toddler? Poor MSNBC - trying to make themselves a meal from FOX's leftovers rather than finding its own audience.

Jan 26 11 - 10:42am

dear alec baldwin,
get over yourself.

Jan 26 11 - 11:52am
Ray Rahman

For the record, Alec Baldwin is an outspoken liberal.

Jan 26 11 - 12:32pm

"For the record, Alec Baldwin is an outspoken liberal." ....with political views as sophisticated as your average toddler. Remember the "If the Bush is elected I'm moving to Canada" threat? That's the kind of backbone I want in my outspoken liberals. Someone who will threaten to run away rather than work at making things better.

Jan 26 11 - 2:52pm

Boo cable news.

Jan 26 11 - 3:20pm

hey meh, we've all said things that aren't worth quoting.

"Here's another thing I keep thinking about. How this corporate boot-licking band of board room-loving reactionaries that are calling the shots from the Republican side of the Supreme Court are going to rule on any BP-related litigation that may make it to their chamber. This is the court that, on behalf of making sure that CEO's continue their death grip on legislative reform, ruled that corporations have the same rights as individuals vis a vis campaign contributions.

Corporations have rights!! Just like people!! Do corporations have the same responsibilities?

If you got government approval of some business venture and it was proven that your negligence caused catastrophic loss, not even on par with what we are seeing in the Gulf, don't you think your ass would be in a sling right now? Forever?"

Alec Baldwin

Jan 26 11 - 4:28pm

Never mind who replaces Olbermann. What about the issue of where he's going next? Is it coincidence Robert Gibbs is leaving as WH Press Secretary?

Jan 26 11 - 7:07pm

Olbermann may move back to Connecticut and run for Lieberman's seat. If I lived there, I'd sure as hell vote for him.

Jul 22 11 - 7:30am

This information is off the hziool!