Us Weekly is absolutely right: celebrities are just like us. They go shopping for groceries, walk their dogs, and get kicked off of planes for refusing to turn off their cell phones because they're too busy playing Words with Friends. On an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles, 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin was that one asshole who refuses to heed flight attendants' warnings to turn off electronic devices during takeoff and landing, which resulted in him getting booted from the flight.

"On an AA flight at LAX," one passenger tweeted earlier today. "Alec Baldwin removed from the gate. We had to go back to the gate." Later, Baldwin tweeted: "Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving,"followed by the hashtags "nowonderamericaairisbankrupt" and "#theresalwaysunited.

With all due respect, Alec, I'm a huge fan of your work and Jack Donaghy is like #1 on the list of fictional characters who I secretly wish would adopt me, but this kind of behavior is exactly what conservative pundits are farting at the mouth about when they rant on Hollyweirdo libtards and how members of the liberal elite expect to be treated differently than everyone else. When a flight attendant tells you to turn off all electronic devices, you turn off your phone like every other goddamn passenger so the plane can take off; I don't care if you're about to rack up nine-billion points by spelling "quixotic."

By inconveniencing your fellow travelers, you're not only being a giant bag of douche, you're also providing fodder for the inevitable Michelle Malkin blog post on how iPhone word-game apps are for people who hate America. And Lord knows there are many hard-working, clean-living American patriots who enjoy a game of Bananagrams every now and then.

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Dec 07 11 - 12:05am

I hate this guy. He is the living cliche of a ham actor who thinks the world revolves around them.

Dec 07 11 - 12:46am

Damn, did he miss his flight to Canada?!?!?

Dec 07 11 - 1:02am
(not)Smart Alec

He truly is a rude, thoughtless little pig. Oh, wait -- that attack is just reserved for him when he's addressing his daughter. My bad.

Dec 07 11 - 2:35am

There's zero - and I mean ZERO scientific evidence supporting that any cell phone has ever or will ever interfere with a flight.

We can sit here and bitch about Baldwin knowing for a fact he doesn't have to turn his phone off, or we can be pissed that the airlines continue to prop up this bullshit myth just so they have a power play to cow passengers before takeoff.

Dec 07 11 - 11:21am

Uh... I don't know where you're getting your facts from, but electronic interference is definitely a thing. My uncle owns a four-seater, and cell phones definitely fuck with the electronics.

Dec 07 11 - 11:36am

How does this cow us exactly? I'm curious what the conspiracy theory would be here.

Even if it's just so that everyone is sorta paying attention during the most dangerous parts of every flight -- the takeoff and the landing -- would that be such a bad thing?

Dec 07 11 - 11:52am

@ Ry
Agreed. Let's all cuss out Alec Baldwin for not following the rules the Gestap...I mean, FAA, senselessly hands down. He wasn't in the air, they were sitting at the gate. Absolute power, corrupts, etc. This is what happens when the average cretin flight attendant gets air marshall authorities.

Dec 07 11 - 12:07pm


Because it's another mild but insidious example of unreasonable demands on people's ability to do as they see fit. It's always easy to conform—I don't mean that in a loaded, shitty way—but conversely, there's some element of these needless procedures that's like, you know what, I'm sick of being told to sit down and shut up for no good reason whatsoever. How about treating adults like adults?

(And this is coming from a complete luddite who hates cell phones!)

Dec 07 11 - 12:30pm

By buying the ticket, Mr. Baldwin agreed to adhere to the rules of the airline, stupid/sensible/whatever. If he didn't want to play by the rules, he could have taken another airline and apparently he did.

Dec 07 11 - 1:53pm

@NY- dude, you really need to relax and examine your priorities. Next time you fly, take a Xanax. Even if it weren't for your name, I would know you aren't Canadian.

Has nobody seen the episode of mythbusters with the cellphones in the plane?

Dec 07 11 - 5:10pm

Okay then why do their fucking TV's get to stay on? The last flight I was on as soon at as I sat down I went to find old Seinfeld reruns and fuck me if I didn't find them on TBS (no I am not plugging them I am saying that is all they show). the point is I watched them from before take off until we landed. So my guess is they do not have the entire day of programming for TBS downloaded and play it on a loop so how is that an different than my fucking phone?

Dec 09 11 - 2:26pm

@NY "Unreasonable"? To switch electronics off for a few minutes? Huh, even as an iPhone user, I don't find that so daunting a task.

I might hear you on a slippery slope argument, but I get pretty exhausted from making it, personally.

Dec 07 11 - 4:26am

I would have expected better from the president of the Film Actors Guild

Dec 07 11 - 12:50pm

Matt Damon

Dec 07 11 - 1:37pm

Fuck Yeah!

Dec 07 11 - 2:26pm

When you said "conservative pundits are farting at the mouth" did you mean "frothing at the mouth"?

Dec 07 11 - 3:45pm

Although our correspondent, EJ, could have gone with the cliche, I think "farting at the mouth" is actually a better description of the right wing pundits. Especially Malkin.

Dec 07 11 - 3:25pm

Yes, EJ. A giant bag of douche is a good description of Alec Baldwin.

Dec 07 11 - 10:43pm

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Dec 08 11 - 12:57am

This guy's like this douche who held the train door open just cos he felt like it. Alec Baldwin, please disappear.

Dec 11 11 - 1:32pm

Snl last night ...despicable. He needsto get his own private plane.i wouldn't let him on my airline