AMC preparing reality-show version of Mad Men, kind of

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Having attained success in the realm of scripted drama, on-the-rise cable network AMC has just ordered two new reality shows. One, Inside the DHS, is a look… inside the DHS, which is to say the Department of Homeland Security. That sounds like a wild ride I can't imagine ever wanting to take. (Paperwork!)

The other is called The Pitch, and it covers the competition between major ad agencies all vying for the same accounts. But AMC swears they're not buying The Pitch just because of Mad Men. They also swear that these two shows aren't actually reality shows but "docu-stories," which I guess is what I would call a reality show if I didn't want it confused with any genus of the Real Housewives family. In any event, probably no inter-ad-agency warfare will have results as entertaining as this, but it's a fun idea for a series. The Pitch is scheduled to premiere on AMC sometime in 2012.