American Airlines flight attendants want 30 Rock banned on flights

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Alec Baldwin

American Airlines flight attendants might actually win their bizarre public fight with Alec Baldwin, having now issued a demand that his show 30 Rock stop airing on their company's flights. The Association of Professional Flight Attendants "has requested that American Airlines remove the show from future flights," explained a spokesman, adding that they'd back down "if and only if if Mr. Baldwin publicly apologizes to American Airlines flight attendants."

For his part, Baldwin has only issued a half-hearted apology to his fellow passengers while slamming the flight crew that attempted to separate him from his iPhone. This weekend, he parodied the incident on SNL, issuing a fake apology to himself from the airline and referring to himself as "a national treasure." 

As for the flight attendants, they now claim the actor was "violent, abusive and aggressive," and have met with the airline to discuss the issue, so far to no avail. "The current status is that […] 30 Rock continues to air on some of our flights, but not others, which is our standard programming procedure," according to an airline spokesperson. 

Well, it makes sense that the flight attendants want to put Baldwin in his place — no one should get away with throwing a diva tantrum over a game of Words With Friends. But don't unions (not to mention the entire airline industry) have bigger things to worry about right now? This seems a little, um, vehement.