Andy Samberg is officially leaving SNL

Like Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, and Chris Farley before him, Lonely Island's Andy Samberg is leaving a seven-year stint as the Goofy White Guy on Saturday Night Live to pursue a career as the Goofy White Guy on the big screen. The star of "Dick in a Box" and "Jizz in My Pants" officially confirmed his departure with the New York Times last Friday, telling reporter Dave Itzkoff that not returning to the show next season was "one of the hardest decisions I've ever made." Sads!

For the past few months, rumors have been floating around about Samberg's exit from the show, and the finality of the last two SNL Digital Shorts (a commemorative video celebrating the 100th Digital Short, as well as a sequel to the seminal "Lady Sunday") made it seem like our favorite gap-toothed, mop-topped motherlover would be leaving Studio 8H for good. Yet after the season finale, Lorne Michaels himself said that Samberg had not yet reached a final decision, and that his future on the show would not be officially decided until July.

The hopes of Samberg fangirls like, um, myself (I think it's the diastema/Jew-fro combo, if we're gonna be totally honest with each other) were cruelly dashed, however, when Samberg told the Times that he had decided to leave SNL, a decision that was ultimately influenced by last season's departure of longtime cast member Kristen Wiig: "She just kept saying it was time," Samberg told the Times. “I connect with that. Something about it just feels like it’s the moment. My contract’s up and I did so much more than I ever thought I would ever even do.”

Although Samberg is not ruling out returning to SNL next season to make a digital short or two, his plate is gonna be pretty full in the upcoming months: he's starring in two movies this summer (the Adam Sandler vehicle That's My Boy and the indie romcom Celeste and Jesse Forever), and his recent commencement speech at Harvard indicated that he could enjoy a lucrative future career as a motivational speaker (“I’m only truly qualified to give you three simple tips on how to succeed in life, beginning with 'cut a hole in a box,'" he told this year's graduates).

Best of luck to you, Andy, and mazel tov on this exciting new transition! I'm sure we can all eventually forgive you for introducing "I'm on a boat, motherfucker" and "I just had sex" into the obnoxious frat boy lexicon, provided your next project is better than Hot Rod. 

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Jun 03 12 - 1:23am

I want Samberg to be funny, I really do, but I'm afraid the Digital Shorts are gonna be the apogee in retrospect.

Jun 03 12 - 2:43am


Jun 03 12 - 3:13pm
heyprun ving

Not funny. Don't care. SNL hit its peak in 1979.

Jun 03 12 - 3:33pm

If you really didn't care, wouldn't you pass on commenting?

Jun 03 12 - 3:47pm
oduchlyr same

Where's the fun in that? Do all comments need to be positive, supportive ones? Is you tiny little world view always a pretty one?

Jun 03 12 - 4:01pm

No, comments do not need to all be positive. Notice that I didn't say anything about your comment of "Not funny", which isn't positive. I was just surprised that, if you really didn't care, that you still decided to take the time to make a comment. Whatevs. I guess it's my tiny little world view.

Jun 03 12 - 3:42pm

Hot Rod was actually surprisingly funny and it's generally not my type of movie.

Jun 03 12 - 7:41pm

Yeah seriously Hot Rod was pretty funny. Not an all-time classic but not an abject failure either. No need for the parting snipe.

Jun 03 12 - 9:18pm
Say Again

Adam who is leaving what?

Jun 03 12 - 9:40pm

He can just mail in the occasional digital short. He was not that valuable in sketch comedies.

Jun 04 12 - 3:54pm

Personally, and really this is all a matter of taste, I found him worse than "not that valuable". I found him gratingly unfunny. I'm glad he's leaving.

Jun 04 12 - 11:28pm

EJ can't seem to help herself from inserting some snide, borderline-hater remark every time she writes on SNL. Did the cast run over her puppy or what?

Jun 05 12 - 9:54pm
No Loss...

So what? There's a million funny Jewish guys in NYC but there was only one Kristen Wiig.

Jun 12 12 - 10:53am

Always some excuse to talk about annoying comedians being Jews. Too bad there's never an excuse to talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, Logan Lerman, Paul Rudd, etc. being Jews.