Armless piano player wins “China’s Got Talent”

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Liu Wei

The TV series "Got Talent" can be pretty awful in general, often bringing out the worst in audiences, who laugh at or boo untalented people who may be foolish about their futures but certainly don't deserve such a traumatizing drubbing on television. (I especially feel for people who go years and years of practicing at an art and don't meet one honest listener.) But the Chinese edition may have finally done something positive for a change, where an armless pianist just won "China's Got Talent."

Liu, now 23 years old, lost both of his arms in a freak accident when he was 10, after he touched an electrified wire while playing hide-and-seek. However, these tragic circumstances did not stop Liu from pursuing his dream of becoming a pianist–teaching himself how to play with his feet at age 18, after one piano teacher told him he would never succeed. And it turns out, Liu has more talent in one of his pinky toes than most four-limbed piano players have in both of their hands. [Yahoo! Music]

Now, here's a case where telling the guy he could never learn to play the piano is just sick. It doesn't matter if he never nails that Thelonious Monk tune — mastering a few keys with his toes is totally doable but extremely difficult. The teacher should be publicly embarrassed, which, considering this happened in China, is entirely possible.

Here's Liu in his award-winning performance on national television: