Artist tells Fox News, “I was gonna do a sign that said ‘Fox News Lies'”

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Street artist, Jay Shells, creates the most polite artwork. And sometimes there's nothing more polite than telling the truth. Especially when it means bashing Fox News while being interviewed on Fox News. For those outside New York City, Shells is best known for a series of signs strewn throughout the city that state, tongue-in-cheek, urban etiquette. They're mostly innocuous posters that say things like "Pull up your pants: No one wants to see your underwear" and "Pay attention while walking: Your Facebook status update can wait." True words.

These cute, little posters got the attention of the national media and landed Shells an interview on Fox News. So what better place to announce that you almost made a sign that said "Fox News Lies?" Just check out the anchor's gasp of horror at the 1:40 mark. Priceless.