Austrian rapist: “My soul is destroyed. Charlie Sheen is pretty funny.”

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Two and a Half Men

Josef Fritzl, the Austrian serial rapist who committed some of the most heinous crimes in recent memory, was just granted his first press interview. And predictably, he said a whole lot of totally crazy things: he "loves" his family (the family he kept in a rape and torture dungeon), he isn't guilty, he's famous worldwide, and Two and a Half Men is a pretty hilarious show

The man — who, in his own words, has a soul destroyed by sadness — finds the comic shenanigans of Charlie Sheen and co. to be a pleasant relief from prison life. Why a guy like him gets to watch as much TV as he wants (a luxury many good people I know do not have), I will never understand.

The show's star, Charlie Sheen, was last seen screaming racial epithets at a high-end prostitute with cocaine all over his face, standing amidst the wreckage of a luxury hotel room/his good name. (How often do you get to write that sentence?) He is reportedly not having a good week.