Aziz Ansari expresses his love for Amy Poehler in Time

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Rejoice, Time's annual ist of 100 random celebrities, politicians, and other somewhat notorious people is out! Write-ups of Mark Zuckerberg, Amy Poehler, Julian Assange, Nicolas Sarkozy, Blake Lively, and ninety-five other people Time deemed important are available online. A lot of them are the usual suck-up blurbs, but Time did commission some friends to write on friends. Aziz Ansari has this funny and sweet review of Amy Poehler:

"I was originally asked to write 150 words of praise for Amy Poehler. Unfortunately, a personal matter has forced me to deviate from this assignment. Amy, I know you are reading this. You won't return my phone calls, e-mails or texts, and I'm fed up. In February 2011, you asked me to invest $15,000 in a "real estate" opportunity you had heard about. Since then, I have heard nothing from you, and my research shows that the company, Excalibur Equity, does not even exist. I want my money back. Now. That said, I cannot say how much I admire and respect Amy Poehler." 

So all those inklings you had about Parks and Recreation being a great place to work, with its cast full of comedians and inside jokes about real-esate fraud — consider them confirmed.