Betty haters, rejoice: January Jones will be absent for a chunk of Mad Men‘s new season

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Remember when I said that the year — 1966 — was the only bit of spoiler-y information you'd get about Mad Men's upcoming fifth season? I lied! (But not on purpose. I'd never purposefully lie to you.) In an interview with the Huffington Post, creator Matthew Weiner revealed another tiny piece of information. This might seem weird, given how often Weiner rails against an audience knowing anything about an episode before it's aired. But don't worry; Weiner doesn't think of this as a spoiler, so therefore, it is not.

So what's the scuttlebutt? Thanks to January Jones' recent pregnancy, Betty Draper will be missing for a good portion of the next thirteen episodes:

"We had to move things around because of January's pregnancy. She was out for a chunk of the season, and she should be allowed to be. That's not a scoop. I mean, I think people know that."

I hate to break it to Matthew, but while that wouldn't be a scoop for most shows — some are so spoiled you can know more or less everything about an episode weeks before it airs — your own crusade against spoilers has made every tiny bit of information that much more attractive. For The Vampire Diaries this would be as important as a dried-up chick pea you find under the couch, but for Mad Men? The rarest of jewels. (Also, did anyone else think it would be completely possible, maybe even likely, for Weiner to work in or around that pregnancy somehow? The man is pretty brilliant, after all.)

This is good news for those who hate Betty, which probably describes the vast majority of the Mad Men audience, but as a staunch Betty fan — of her as a character, not the monster person she's become — I'll have to shed a tiny, ice-cold tear for that beautiful narcissist. I'll cherish every short, undoubtedly awful moment we have together this season, Bets.