Bill Maher humiliates Levi Johnston with questions about sex and condoms

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Levi Johnston on Bill Maher

During a live broadcast of Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday night, Levi Johnston was forced to endure questions about condoms, his relationship with Bristol Palin, Dancing With The Stars, and his ridiculous "campaign" for Mayor of Wasilla. Of course, the campaign itself is a stunt for a reality show, but does that justify having to put up with this kind of public battering?

The best part: "I don't even know if you're a Republican or a Democrat." "We're debating that." Debating that? Crazy idiots vs. stupid idiots? What's to debate?

Watch the full clip:

As the most hated man in Alaska (according to recent polls), Johnston has an impossibly long road ahead if he wants anyone to take his phony campaign seriously.