Breaking Bad plot comes true in Boston drug arrest

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In a rather unfortunate case of life imitating art, it seems the plot of AMC's meth-making drama Breaking Bad has sort of come true just outside of Boston, where a teacher and her younger accomplice have been arrested for running a meth lab out of her home in Somerville. (At least get a different building for it! You just massacred the property values of that place.)

It's not a perfect parallel: the woman, Irina Kristy, was not a high-school chemistry teacher but a university math professor, and her younger accomplice wasn't a ne'er-do-well she met during her tenure but her twenty-nine-year-old son. (Keeping it in the home and in the family? This lady had some chutzpah, I'll give her that much.) He had been arrested on the charges before the police came back for Kristy as well, so it's possible that the mother-son bond was not exactly strengthened by their drug running operation. You can't trust anyone, Kristy.

Of course, there's another good reason for Kristy to have picked a different spot to cook up the meth besides the years and years of health problems she's created for her house's future tenants: because her home was located just 500 feet from an elementary school (and City Hall!), she and her son will also be facing charges of "drug violation in a school zone." That doesn't sound fun, but maybe it's better they got busted now, before the cartels got involved.