British television might get a lot more sexually tame

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Brits may soon need to look somewhere other than their television sets if they're seeking a titillating thrill. A ban on sexually suggestive and indecent content on the airwaves before the hour of nine p.m. is currently under review. This includes everything from same-sex kisses (we presume their hetero counterparts will still be allowed to snog) to raunchy dance routines by the likes of Christina Aguilera on X Factor.

The whole notion of protecting children's innocence is being cited as the reasoning behind the proposed ban. However puritanical or outdated that concept might be (have British lawmakers never heard of the internet?), it still has a political hold on a lot of Brits, including Prime Minister David Cameron, who wholeheartedly supports the plan to restrict content. (We're guessing he watched one too many episodes of Skins.)

There are currently no official guidelines as to what makes something "sexually indecent," so the whole endeavor seems to veer towards highly subjective censorship. We're not suggesting kids should be exposed to any hardcore bedroom action, but when it comes to be able to see healthy representations of all kinds of sexuality (yes, that includes two men kissing) they should be privy to it, if only to increase tolerance and awareness of alternative lifestyles. Plus, you know, they could eventually identify as gay too.