Buy yourself a walk-on “Mad Men” role in this charity auction

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Have you ever dreamed of being a cast member on Mad Men? Maybe as a saucy secretary, or a fun-loving professional/alcoholic, or a terribly repressed free spirit slowly dying under the unbearable weight of a culture that restricts your very being? ('Fess up. We all have.) Now, if you have more disposable income than everyone else who has that dream (which you probably don't, sorry), you can make this fantasy a reality.

Credit the rampant smoking that makes the show feel so distinctly old school. The amazing prize is the most enticing lot in a charity auction benefiting lung cancer treatment and research. According to Sandra Stern, an officer at Lionsgate (which produces Mad Men):

The smoking depicted in Mad Men was ubiquitous in the '60s world of Madison Avenue advertising and is a vivid reminder of how far we've progressed in our attitudes toward smoking since then.

Yes yes, that sound lovely, but can we get back to the part where I can buy proximity to Jon Hamm? Also included in the auction are set pieces from Sterling Cooper and costume pieces from both Betty and Joan's wardrobe. Sadly, I don't think my favorite set piece, the John Deere tractor responsible for my favorite Mad Men moment ever, will be up for bids.

The auction starts Thursday on eBay at Good luck, readers!

Via Yahoo! News.