BYU dancer reprimanded for showing too much skin on TV show

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You may recall that, a few months ago, star basketball player Brandon Davies was dismissed from the team at Brigham Young University for violating the school's honor code, after engaging in pre-marital sex with his girlfriend. Well, now BYU is upset that senior Chase Thomas wore only a pair of skimpy dance shorts while performing a contemporary dance routine, during an audition for So You Think You Can Dance, before a national audience.

Thomas was told that his outfit violated the school's modesty policy, and he was called in for counseling. First, if anything, the guy should be applauded for putting himself out there like that. Second, sure, he's no Baryshnikov, but most of us aren't. Come on, BYU. Stop focusing on petty things and let Thomas express his artistic vision, which just happens to involve tiny shorts. And he says his get-up (or lack thereof) is not gratuitous, because wearing extra clothing would compromise his art form, and his dance would suffer. Thomas said, "It was an amazing experience for sure; the judges absolutely loved it. In no way was my solo supposed to be sexual or lewd or anything like that."

Thomas makes a good point when he contends that there's a little hypocrisy going on, since the BYU swim team poses and wears nothing but swimmer's briefs, and they're not called in for counseling. Maybe if he wore goggles? Since Thomas made it through the auditions, if you happen to catch his next performance which airs Wednesday, and he's wearing a baggy pair of clam diggers, you'll know why.