Carol Burnett will play Sue Sylvester’s mom on “Glee”

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Carol Burnett — most recently wasted in that terrible film Post Grad but fantastic in a Law & Order: SVU episode — has signed on to play Sue Sylvester’s mother in the second season of Glee. Sylvester has claimed that her parents were famous Nazi hunters, which I think is a gig Burnett could pull off. I mean, look at this stone-cold bitch in the promo for that SVU episode:

Oh yeah, she could take out some Nazis. Of course, Sue Sylvester has also claimed that she euthanized her mother in order to get all her money, so… unless this is a flashback or Glee is jumping on the zombie trend, it seems she was lying about at least one thing.

Of course, the question now is who should play Sue Sylvester’s father, should we ever see him. Three suggestions off the top of my head: Dick Van Dyke (because he sings!), Ed Asner (because he’s gruff!), and John Waters (because it would further explain Sue’s love of Madonna!). What do you think, readers?