CBS picks up new pilot by Louis CK

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For someone whose every fifth sentence includes some mention about how he's stressed for time because he's doing everything from the writing to the editing to the music composition for his FX show, on top of trying to get another hour of material honed and chiseled for his now-annual specials, it seems like the last thing Louis CK should do is take on the responsibility of a second TV show. But that's just exactly what's about to happen: CBS has just given the green-light to produce his new pilot.

Well, "new" might not be the most accurate word here, seeing as the project — co-written by CK and former Seinfeld write/talk-show host Spike Feresten — has been gestating for thirteen years. To give you an example of how long of a time frame that is, above is a somewhat recent photo of Louis CK. And here, below, is a photo taken from a clip that was uploaded in 1999:

13 years later, he's a little balder, has a bit more paunch in the ol' tum-tum, and has ditching the classic '90s blazer-and-jeans look for wearing exclusively black tees. Oh, and you know, being a veritable genius at this point.

The CBS show is a multi-camera sitcom about "an ensemble of young people trying to achieve their creative dreams in these tough financial times." So, what started as a personal journey through the rough penniless stretch that comes at the beginning of an artistic career now has a bit more cultural relevance, what with the whole Occupy thing going on. Louis CK, always ahead of the times.