Charlie Sheen settles lawsuit for $25 million, returns to normal

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Sheen admits to not having tiger blood on The Tonight Show

It appears the only thing that was needed to cure Charlie Sheen's megalomania was money. Lots and lots of money.

After a long year of high-profile interviews, touring live shows, and celebrity roasts, Sheen appears to be winding down. He's even admitted culpability for the long-standing conflict between himself and his former employers, Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros, admitting, "I would've fired my ass, too."

But his newfound humility hasn't stopped Sheen from collecting on his original lawsuit against the hand that fed him. And while it's not the $100 million dollars Sheen crowed about months ago, the sum of $25 million in back pay (along with continued syndication royalties) can certainly be called a win for the man who made "Duh, winning" a horrible catchphrase.

Between the payoff from the roast, his new sitcom deal, and now this, Sheen's made out like a bandit. Now that he's got everybody else's money, I think we've seen the last of Charlie Sheen, warlock. Example: his appearance on Leno last week, during which he appeared a lot more lucid and penitent about his behavior than he ever seemed capable of being in the past. He also confessed to having neither tiger blood nor Adonis DNA — playing it off as just a metaphor/joke/drug-induced delusion.

I'm calling it: Sheen's fifteen minutes of extra-fame are over. Now it's time to return to the life of a simple sitcom-acting millionaire who only appears in the news semi-annually. How Shakespearean.