Even FX is embarrassed by their new Charlie Sheen sitcom, Anger Management

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It's been seven months since Charlie Sheen's crack-up, and the man is still fighting to stay relevant. We previously reported that Sheen was picked up for Anger Management, but new details are starting to emerge. FX will start airing the show in summer 2012 because, you know, Charlie Sheen back on TV is exactly what the world is lacking right now.

The sitcom will be based on the movie, Anger Management, which, despite receiving mostly negative reviews when it came out in 2003, will probably look like a towering achievement next to Sheen's spin-off. Because here's the kicker: Charlie Sheen will play an anger management therapist who is angry! And "may need more counseling than his patients"! Ba-dum-tss. I could say "winning" somewhere in this paragraph, but I really don't want to.

Although FX has ordered ten episodes of the series, it seems the network is wise to the fact that this addition might not be the best thing for their brand. According to Vulture, the show's not receiving an "FX Original Series" banner, and the negotiations for the show happened outside of FX's normal creative development process. So not even the network that's airing it actually likes it. That's a good sign, right? Hopefully, seven months will come and go; the show will air, fail, go away, and we can once and for all stop talking about Charlie Sheen.