Check out some strange clips from the alleged White House shooter’s Oprah audition tape

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Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, the twenty-one-year-old wackadoodle who was apprehended in Pennsylvania on Wednesday for allegedly firing two bullets with an assault rifle at the White House, can be seen in footage from a new video that surfaced, a forty-five-minute-long tape intended as a segment pitch to Oprah Winfrey. The would-be Hinckley had asked an Idaho St. University student to film him two months ago. 

Luckily, the President and the First Lady were on a trip to California and Hawaii when Ortega-Hernandez allegedly opened fire, with one bullet being stopped by the ballistic glass in a window of the living quarters of the executive mansion. Fox News' D.C. affiliate was able to obtain a portion of the creepy-in-retrospect video, after it was brought to the attention of the Secret Service by Ortega-Hernandez's girlfriend.

The brief clips we see from the video reveal the usual religious, anti-government claptrap we've come to expect from our deranged, gun-wielding malcontents. In this case, Ortega-Hernandez's main beef is with the U.S. waging war in the name of oil, and the predictable messiah complex is manifested, with the gunman saying he resembles Jesus Christ. (More like Oscar De La Hoya if you ask me.) The tape was never submitted to Oprah. If convicted, Ortega-Hernandez could face life in prison.

VIDEO: Alleged White House Shooter Oscar Ortega-Hernandez: