Chewbacca will be on Glee

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There's a group of people, generally male and in their mid-to-late 30s, who get their various undergarments tied together in knots and/or uncomfortable genital-crushing bunches — symbolically-speaking, of course — whenever George Lucas comes around and tinkers with the Star Wars universe.

Whether it's Greedo shooting first, the ghostly presence of Hayden Christensen, or another "Noooooooo!" from Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi as he launches the Emperor, whenever Lucas heads into the editing bay and changes, say, a molecule on a Tatooine moon, folks get overly-dramatic and compare it to a mad scientist creating a time machine, traveling back roughly 25 years, finding them snug in their beds, and beating them soundly.

(Really, this constant tinkering is either: (1) evidence of some OCD-like mental defect and possibly a subconscious cry for help; (2) a savvy business man knowing fans are going to buy new versions of things, no matter how shitty. The existence of The Star Wars Holiday Special points towards the latter.)

Which is to say, it's going to be fun to watch the fans get all angry over the news that Chewbacca's coming to Glee:

According to an AOL TV interview with cast member Harry Shum Jr. who plays Mike Chiang, "[Chewbacca] makes an appearance into Artie's Kevin McHale dream in a way. I can't really delve into the details, but it's something to do with Artie."

At least since it's a dream it doesn't mean the appearance is Star Wars canon, right? At least there's that?