Christina Hendricks from “Mad Men” has new photos out, some from her yearbook

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Christina Hendricks, the ravishingly beautiful and fantastically entertainging actress who plays everyone’s favorite office manager on Mad Men, has two new sets of photos out this week. (Which I think we’re required by law to post. No, not man’s law. God’s law.) Let’s just say they’re a study in contrasts, shall we? Because while one set — that from British GQ, which interviewed the Hendricks for their new issue out Thursday — features her typical retro-glam look, the other comes from her high-school yearbook. Here’s how she looked in the former:

I could say some words now about that picture, but I don’t even know if I could come up with anything new. (Okay, one thing new: doesn’t she bear a sort of uncanny resemblance to the woman from the Jezebel logo?)

So how did Hendricks look in high school? Well, while I’m sure most celebrities want every copy of their yearbook burned except for the one they keep in their safe behind a wall painting, I say she still looks like herself. The crappy photo quality and the ’90s styling choices are working hand in hand to block out her light, however:

She just looks like one of those cute goth-y girls to me. Readers, what say you? (And major kudos to the folks at BestWeekEver for digging that up.)

Via HuffingtonPost.