Christina Hendricks recommends pizza, lots of Scotch to get through the holidays

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Christina Hendricks

If we were tabulating a Woman Of The Year award here at Nerve, I'm sure Christina Hendricks would win in a landslide.

So, really, there's no one else more qualified to turn to for help in surviving the rest of 2010. Thankfully, Hendricks already spoke to New York magazine about how she stays looking so healthy and beautiful: pizza dough and Scotch! 

How do you like to drink your Scotch? And what part of the day is your favorite for a sip?
[Laughs.] Early morning! No, it is a nice thing to come home [to] at the end of the day, ‘cause, for me, it’s such a slow, sipping drink; it’s very, very nice. I like my Green Label neat or I like my Gold Label chilled. My husband likes Black Label on the rocks.

I always make cookies every year. And when we have these parties I cook for four, five days ahead of time, making the appetizers and everything, and filling my freezer with pizza dough and making all sorts of appetizers. And my husband bakes, so we work for a while; we put in a good four or five days.

My childhood favorite [cookies are] dream bars. Graham-cracker crumb with walnuts, coconut, chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk. It’s, like, the easiest cookie ever, and it’s the most delicious. [Grub Street]

Sheesh, enough about that "husband"… to me, he simply does not exist.