Christina Ricci to play sexy ’60s stewardess in ABC pilot

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Christina Ricci may be moving to TV as the star of a new ABC series, Pan Am, about pilots and stewardesses in the '60s. Deadline reports that Ricci will star in the Pan Am pilot as

Maggie, a fiery stewardess who is leading a double life — on duty she is a beautiful, perfectly groomed and poised stewardess, and off duty she is earthy, bohemian living among the beatniks and intellectuals of Greenwich Village.

Sounds… plausible, even likely! Though Mad Men has a fraction of the viewers of, say, Two and a Half Men, its influence may be more visible at the moment; between Pan Am and Pan Am and 20th Century Fox/NBC's pilot Playboy, about the early days of Hugh Hefner's naked-lady juggernaut, the '60s… are back. And they're sexy. Man, there should be a fine for writing things like that. Also, Christina Ricci's looking very glammed-out, huh?