Coming soon: An NBC drama about Playboy bunnies

Ever wonder what it would be like if the network that brought you ER and The West Wing made a show about Playboy bunnies? So did that network: NBC is currently developing Playboy, a drama that centers around a cadre of women working as bunnies in 1960s New York City.

If that sounds kind of familiar, it should. Mad Men has touched the topic before, when the British Lane Pryce realized that, you know what, maybe he prefers the sexually groovy America over the patrician Old World. This is what that looked like:

So NBC's Playboy will basically be like the above picture, all the time. The presumably hour-long drama aims to "explore the country's shifting morals and the beginning of the sexual revolution." And if the show is even an eighth as good as Mad Men, it should do just fine. I mean, have you seen non-Thursday night NBC lately?

Commentarium (5 Comments)

Dec 13 10 - 12:53pm

Someone should cane Lane's father. Shot.

Dec 13 10 - 2:14pm

There's already an adaptation of Gloria Steinem's expose, a Bunny's Tale. It seems like they're just retreading what's already been done. Although I guess the 60's are more fun since Hugh wasn't yet a crypt master forcing 18 year olds to sleep with him in exchange for magazine space.

Dec 13 10 - 2:58pm

So Hooters.

Dec 13 10 - 5:01pm

Just reading "explore the country's shifting morals" gets me hot, so I can't wait.

Dec 13 10 - 10:41pm

why is victoria beckham's face horribly photoshopped onto one of the bunny's bodies?