Community wins TV Guide fan-favorite poll and cover spot as NBC yanks it from lineup

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As you probably know by now from the collective screaming of the internet, NBC has taken Community out of its midseason lineup. While the network assures us this doesn't mean the show is canceled, it's a scary thing for many fans of the brilliant but sadly low-rated sitcom. But these fans aren't going to take it lying down, and thankfully they did something a bit more attention-grabbing than sending peanuts to NBC studios or something like that. (What would Community fans send, though? Army-surplus taco meat? Purple pens? Jeff Winger's hilariously striped underpants?)

After rounds of online voting in a fan-favorite poll, the show has beaten out such other contenders as Dexter, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones to win a cover spot on TV Guide's December 5th issue. (Well, three cover spots, technically, as you can see above. Also, three Joel McHale's? Yes, please!) Of course, this doesn't mean the show has scores of secret fans who manage to watch the show every week hidden from ratings measurement systems. It just means the show has a strong internet following. But hey, a TV Guide cover can't hurt, right? The cast agrees:

"Because we don't get nominated for awards, this is our fans' outlet to tell us that they care," Community star Gillian Jacobs said in a statement. "They may not see us win Emmys or SAG Awards, but they do have the power in something like this to vote, and you see a lot of people care about our show."

Now let's hope that NBC executives take some notice. (Six seasons and a movie, everyone. Six seasons and a movie.)