Conan celebrates Hanukkah by lighting human-centipede menorah

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Happy first night of Hanukkah, Nerve readers of Semitic descent! How did you celebrate? Perhaps you whipped up some delicious latkes and spun a dreidel with your loved ones. Or perhaps you spent the evening by a warm fireplace, recounting the tale of the Maccabean Festival of Lights in hushed tones. Or, if you are a struggling actor in the Los Angeles area, perhaps you donned a spandex bodysuit, burrowed your head in the perineum of another gentleman, and participated in a human-centipede menorah on a late-night cable talk show.

Last night on Conan, nine enterprising young men did exactly that when host Conan O'Brien introduced the new tradition, lighting the first candle onstage. Here's hoping the human-centipede menorah will become the most popular fictional holiday celebration since Festivus — or, at the very least, something your traditional Jewish grandmother can give to you as a Hanukkah present, in lieu of the usual $14 check and fistful of peppermints.