Conan O’Brien sells (another) sitcom to TBS

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In his continuing effort to build a palatial home at TBS, Conan O'Brien has just sold a pilot for a multi-camera sitcom entitled Fat Chance, the story of two friends — the handsome Rollie and the the titular Chance, an overweight Everyman. 

The late night host has already received a script order for the new show, sending it on its way to a production deal between Warner Horizon television and Conan's parent company, Conaco. While the news is good for Conan's relationship with Turner Broadcasting, it's not exactly shocking. Just last month, Coco sold another sitcom to TBS about a family man who quits his job and moves back to his hometown. 

With any luck, these shows will help raise TBS's reputation as a comedy network. If your slogan is going to be "Very Funny," you need something more than just three Tyler Perry shows and reruns.