Conan O’Brien will officiate a gay wedding on the air

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Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien is planning to officiate a wedding between two men on his late-night show. The wedding will take place during a special episode O'Brien is taping at the Beacon Theater in New York, part of a celebration for his TBS show's one-year anniversary. 

Producers have yet to settle on an air date for the episode, but the wedding will reportedly be between a longtime Conan staffer and his partner. Besides likely generating massive ratings for the show, the episode will also mark a first for late-night TV, and presumably be far more heartwarming than that other famous talk-show wedding, between Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki back in 1969. 

I don't really know how Conan plans a wedding, but can I put in a vote for the Masturbating Bear to step in as ring-bearer, or would that kill the mood?