Could an all Simpsons channel be in the works?

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The Simpsons

With over twenty years' worth of episodes (and more in the works), The Simpsons is the ultimate syndication juggernaut. Which is why it makes total (and awesome) sense for the series to get its own channel. According to News Corp.'s Chief Operating Officer, Chase Carey, there's been talk of ways to increase the franchise's revenue (because, you know, over two decades' worth of merchandising isn't enough) and, yes, a Simpsons-only network has been discussed.

Given the show's volume of episodes, this sounds totally doable. (As does a Law and Order channel — somebody get on that.) But who wouldn't want to visit Springfield every single time they turned the TV on, especially the glory days of seasons three-through-ten? I'll drink a Duff beer to that.