Dan Savage gets his own MTV series

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A few months ago, Dan Savage produced a pilot for MTV in which he tours colleges and universities in the United States fielding sex and relationship questions from the students, much like he does in real life. (I kid, it's a reality show.) Good news for Savage Love fans: MTV has officially picked up the show, Savage U.

This is also good news for underinformed teenagers (many of whom one can easily imagine are watching MTV). When he announced the inception of his It Gets Better Project, Savage lamented the fact that most schools wouldn't let him speak directly to kids who might be direly in need of advice, support, or even the simple reassurance that they're not the only ones who've ever found adolescence confusing and scary. This show could help Savage reach that audience. Reinforcing that idea, MTV Head of Production Chris Linn told EW, "I don’t think there are any networks talking to teenagers about how to navigate sex and modern relationships. There’s been a real leap forward in information online and the way teens communicate and Dan is somebody who brings real credibility." No word on when the show will air, but we're looking forward to it.