Dave Grohl producing comedy about a rock band in therapy

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For years, everyone's claimed that Dave Grohl is the funniest man in rock n' roll. But there's an inherent caveat to that — music generally isn't where the most quick-witted wind up, so saying someone's funny for a musician doesn't really amount to as much praise as it seems. But now we're finally going to get to see if he's actually funny for a, well, human being.

Grohl is teaming up with former Simpsons writer, and one of the funniest people in comedy, Dana Gould, to create a comedy series for FX about a rock band in therapy. Grohl will star, Gould will write.

While there's nothing in the press release that hints at it, the concept has to have been at least in some small part influenced by the tremendously cringe-worthy and (unintentionally?) hilarious Metallica biopic Some Kind of Monster, which follows the best-selling metal band through therapy session after therapy session as they try to put together their worst album, St. Anger. Really, if this Grohl-Gould project doesn't ever get any further than this initial announcement, the fact that it reminded me to watch that again makes this whole thing a net-win in my book.