David Cross auditioned for “Lebowski,” and he’s glad Phillip Seymour Hoffman got the part instead

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David Cross has given many interviews, and we imagine most of those interviews were spent with his arms crossed and generally resisting being spoken to anyway. (See: awful interview scene in Let America Laugh.) But New York managed to get some pretty interesting answers out of Cross in a profile of the comedian's whole career which, yes, started out as fledgling and sad as any young comic's career. (He used to steal laundry detergent! Like us!)

Cross on one of his less-successful movies from way back when:

I don’t think I’ll ever watch this again. The last time I watched it [2002, he estimates] I had some friends over and they were psyched to see it, because it never came out in theaters and they didn’t even know it was coming out on DVD. My mind was just spinning out of control. You’re editing yourself, going, “Oh, this could have been better if … ” And. “Oh, this was supposed to be … ” And, “We lost control of this because … ” The whole experience, it’s another “too bad it ended up that way!” story.

Even actors and demi-big-time comedians feel regret, too. Cross also recalls his audition for The Big Lebowski: "I thought I did a really good job….But then I saw what Philip Seymour Hoffman did with the part, and I was like, ‘ Oh— that’s the way to do it.’”

Also of note: he was high while accepting his first Emmy, felt awkward around Christopher Guest on the set of Waiting for Guffman, and apparently people dump boatloads of money on you upon arriving in LA for no reason at all.